Wednesday, April 7, 2010

March resolution updates

Rachel here. Time for the updates from the March resolutions... I know... the excitement is killing you. ;)

For the house: The goal was to pack away the garage/man cave. This proves to be difficult with Uncle Squatter... I mean Aaron... residing in said garage. :) I have managed, however, to organize the items that were in the garage to take to OUAC. FAIL.

Family/my girls: Blurb book/scrapbooking. Blurb book... FAIL. Scrapbooking... FAIL for the most part. In my defense I should not have tried to put the book and scrapbooking in the same month... too much creativity. ;) Also... I DID get as much scrapbooking done as was humanly possible with the supplies that I have here at the house. I scrapbooked my little heart out... so much so that the blade on my Cricut is dull... I managed to finish 2.5 out of the 7 scrapbooks (seriously there are a few of those books that need like one page).

For myself: Lose weight. Since beginning that journey, I have in fact lost weight. How much is a fantastic question. I did realize it's much harder to lose weight when you've stopped nursing. It took my body a good two weeks to get back into the swing of things... I ran on the treadmill repeatedly and ate a certain number of calories and couldn't lose a single lb. We have the world's worst scale, so we're actually shopping around for a great digital one that won't cost us an arm and a leg. I think I beat Bryan, but we may give this one another go once we can figure out our actual weights... minor detail. FAILISH.

For the month of April
For the house: Begin renovation in the breakfast nook/kitchen. This should begin next weekend! We have a date to take the Reester bunny to The Duck Pond for a fishing adventure, but the rest of the weekend will be dedicated to the renovation and our girls. :)

For my family/girls: Get outside AT LEAST once a day. Since the weather is getting nicer and Emma Grace is getting older, it's getting much easier for us to get outside. Reese LOVES to be outside "playing in the grasses", and I don't always like to go out myself. But for my girls... we're getting some fresh air! Perhaps I'll get caught up on that scrapbooking as well! :)

For myself: GET OUT OF TOWN. I'm headed to NOVA today in order to catch an early morning flight with my high school girlfriends. We're headed to California, and I could not be more excited... and nervous. I'm leaving my girls, but I know it'll be good for me. Until next month!