Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Game

This past Saturday was Tech's annual Spring Game. The weather was supposed to be anything but desirable, so we hadn't planned on going. There was a kid's type festival before the game with bounce houses that we wanted to check out though, so we ventured off to campus. There were quite a few tailgates that were offering FREE food, so we hit up the Macado's tent and had yummy sandwiches and bottled water. Isn't my wee little sister the cutiest in her hat?
After meandering around and mooching off of anyone we could, we made it to the bounce houses! Mommy just about had a fit when she saw the bounce house. How the holy mother was I supposed to play on that thing?

I basically told her to slow her roll... all would be well with the world; she just needed to trust me.

And that... Mommy dearest... is how it's done. :)
We also did manage to make it to the Spring Game... well for the first quarter anyway... Daddy missed the entire thing though because I was pretending I had to go potty 30,000 times. :)