Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gone Fishin'

VT was hosting their annual fishing something or other today at The Duck Pond, so Daddy decided it would be super fun to take me to use my new Cars fishing pole! We started the morning bright and early (it was like 9 am... hehe) looking for night crawlers. Daddy found like 4, so we ended up stopping by "Snuffy's" for a container... of which I probably used 1. :)

When we arrived, it was chilly and SUPER windy. Emma Grace was smiley for about 5 seconds... just long enough to get a cutie picture. Don't you just heart her ponytail?
Soon Daddy and I were baiting my hook. As soon as Daddy would cast my line, I would reel it back in. This approach makes it just a tad bit difficult to catch a fish, but I digress.

I caught not a darn thing, and we lasted all of 30 minutes, but by god it was a blast!


Andria said...

I heart Emma Grace's cute ponytail, but I think Reese's piggy tail-buns are adorable! She looks like a little Hanna Andersson model!

Hope the painted sticks went well. I'm so pleased someone uses our crafts :)