Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The O.C.

Rachel here. UGH! I can not even tell you how much fun we all had in California! It was a much needed vacation for me, and I don't think I could have spent it with better people. It's nice that so many years can go by, and you can still have a great time with old friends. Girls... it was a blast, and I can't wait to do it again!

Thanks to Callie for these great pictures! I traveled cameraless because our rule is "the camera stays with the girls," but tons of pictures were taken, so I should have plenty more to share. :) Our original plan was to head to San Diego right off the plane to go to the zoo, but we decided it would be way more fun to just take it easy, eat as much as we could and do some shopping. So instead we headed to Laguna for some lunch. I had the yummiest chicken caesar wrap with avocado. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! After lunch we meandered on down to San Diego and Coronado for a peek at Balboa park, drinks, and dinner. By the time we got back to Callie's, it was in the wee hours of the morning back home, so we were beyond pooped.

Day 2 brought lots of shopping and goofing off in Laguna. We began at this yummy cafe for breakfast closer to Callie's if I remember correctly. It didn't take us long though to get into trouble. Kristen decided to relive her "Laguna Beach" watching days. :)

The beach was beautiful! While waiting to get into a hotel bar for some yummy drinks before dinner, we wandered down to the water and took some cutie pictures.

That night for dinner we went back to Callie's neck of the woods and ate at the cutest little place called The Cellar. It was a piano bar where we drank some wine/beer and ate some super yummy cheese. The dinner was phenomenal! This is where we decided we'd spend the rest of the trip sharing our meals... BEST IDEA EVER! The food in California is unlike anything I've had before!

Saturday was to be our last full day out west, so we spent it doing the greatest thing ever... tasting wine! Beyond fun. We made it to 3 different vineyards before making it back to Laguna for some Mexican food (where we took some HYSTERICAL pictures and saw Jonah Hill, but I believe Kristen has those ;)).

While I was out west, Reese and Daddy were back home working on the perfect souvenir for me. :) It's California... full of traffic, an airport (including helicopter pads), a thoughtful bike trail, and the beach... full of umbrellas and REAL sand! :)