Monday, July 26, 2010

1 and 3

Saturday morning we went to a birthday party at the park for our friends A and L. A turns 3 while L just turned 1. It was a lovely day, and the temperature wasn't all that bad... after all it was only 1030. :)

A and L's mommy made these SUPER YUMMY vegan cupcakes... they were awesome. Along with them, she made 3 types of frosting that we were allowed to use to frost our own cupcakes.
They were awesome to say the least.
No cupcake for Ems... she enjoyed watermelon rind.

Later in the day we ventured out to Abingdon for their annual Highland Festival. It was uneventful to say the least... except for the AWESOME tye-dye shirts Mommy bought us. Oh and the GIGANTIC blow out Emma Grace had in the car. She was crying, I was gagging, and the poo was oozing. Em managed to get it ALL OVER HER FACE. It was super. :)