Monday, July 12, 2010

Kids say the darndest...

Rachel here. So Reese has been saying some pretty funny things lately. Even if the actual context isn't all that funny, the way she says a particular word definitely gets Bryan and I giggling. I really need to start writing them down... so here it goes.

Funny words...
zoobeeker - zookeeper
boa contricker - boa constrictor
real lemon- watermelon

Funny phrases/conversations...
We took a nice little walk yesterday afternoon to one of the parks near our house. Under the shelter there was a small birthday party. Reese is swinging on the swing and immediately starts yelling that she wants bertday cake. LOUDLY. We had to promise her ice cream just to get her to hush and get back in her wagon for the walk back to the house.

"Oh no! It's gonna eat my dress!" She says this any time there is something too close to her... it doesn't even have to be something that would actually eat her dress. Traumatic experience with a goat I suppose.

This is not necessarily funny but instead it's rather interesting. Reese has started voicing abuse. Not funny. "Mommy don't punch me in the nose again!" Say huh? She says things like this just out of the blue... I could literally be 30 feet away from her. As if blaming me for punching her in the nose wasn't bad enough... she says AGAIN! Charming.

Funny quirks...
When she plays play doh or draws a picture... she makes/plays 3 or 4 of the same things. Their names are based on what size they are. "This is the dahyee snake, and the mommy snake, the Reesie snake, and the Emma snake.

She has to have "read a book, candy, and sooget!" when it's time for bed. Every night before bed... 2-3 books (depending on who puts her to bed), she gets an m&m if she goes up the stairs quietly and gets in her bed drama free, and sooget is her Jewel Lullabye cd. It's cute.

Reese loves loves loves to bake but hates to eat what she's made... brownies... bum bum bum.

These are just a few of the things that I can remember at this very moment. I'll continue to add and update as I think of things. She's a funny little thing.