Monday, July 12, 2010

It's the magic number...

This past Saturday we headed up to Harrisonburg for one of our bestie's birthday party. It was so much fun! We ran amok at a local park, played an intriguing game of baseball, and ended it with a super cute little slumber party. That's right people... my parents let me sleep in a boy's room... scandalous! ;)
The theme was Sesame Street... Brett loves Sesame Street. His mommy made him this adorable little cake shaped like one of Cookie Monster's cookies. He's not one for cake though, so it stayed pretty much just like this. ;)

We got these nifty shirts while we were in PA last week... fitting don't you think?

At our new house there will be a tire swing... I mean look at that face... how could we not get a tire swing?!

Emma Grace had a cute outfit from Sesame Place too, but it was entirely too big... she's just a wee nugget you know. Mommy found her ensemble from Target. :) Which by the way is supposed to be carrying cute things from The Little Seed... she's keeping her eye's peeled.

After the party we headed to the Eyes' house for a mini-visit. Our visit began with Uncle Josh showing me a donkey... I heart donkeys.
Seriously people... she's pretty darn cute, but she tends to make appearances at the most inopportune times. BABIES!
And it ended with a sweet sleep over. Thank you so much Brett for the hospitality... hopefully we'll see you in August!