Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Frog Pond

Mommy and Daddy have lived in Blacksburg now for over a decade. I've been alive for almost 3 years. We've never been to The Frog Pond, which honestly seems like a crime. Daddy's company has a Summer policy that allows them to leave work at 3 on Fridays. Daddy NEVER takes advantage, but he did this Friday! We packed up and headed to The Frog Pond once he got home, and I won't lie to you... we had a blast... even if I didn't want to venture too far out in the deeper water.

Here I am preparing to go deep sea diving in the baby pool. Funny thing is... this is as deep as the water got, but it's like I always say... it's better to be safe than sorry. ;)
And here I am making friends. I was being that weirdo kid that continually went up to strangers and just stared at them until they acknowledged me. Mommy was a little creeped out, but my new friends giggled at me nonetheless.
Oh hey there guys! Emma Grace here. :)
Would you believe there was another little girl there wearing THE SAME bathing suit as me?! The audacity! For the record, it looked much better on me. ;)

We knew it was time to head home when I nearly drowned. Right under the water I went. It was a sad time. While I nearly lost my life and there were bigger kids there who were not so nice, we'll give the Frog Pond 4 thumbs up. :)


Andria said...

She looks so cute and sad after her bad run-in with the water! And, both girls are VERY cute in their swimsuits....

The painted shoes idea....well, let's just say that I tip my hat. I tip my hat.