Friday, July 9, 2010

Macaroni and Cheese

Final stop in PA... The Crayola Crayon Factory! Here we were greeted by Kate Gosselin herself!
Okay just kidding... but seriously people... the hair... oy. Let's get to something a little cuter shall we? Like this.

And this.
The Factory had tons to offer. We colored.
While the babies modeled.

We watched how they made crayons. Despite this picture it was cool.

We got to hand roll our very own labels. It was really cute. I put mine on all kinds of wrong but had a blast doing so.

We got cool souvenirs.
We colored with a billion and one different crayons... including Macaroni and Cheese.

There was some finger painting involved.

And other types of off the wall painting... but my final underwater picture turned out super cute.
Daddy loved all my creations. As he should. :)
Here I'm painting with melted wax. Mommy really liked this activity... she's a nerdo like that.
Here's what Emma Grace did the ENTIRE time... well minus the modeling portion of the adventure:
PA, you were good to us... it was real... but we're glad to be home... now at least. We had one more adventure before being home "for good." More on our trip to Tidewater for the 4th tomorrow... Mommy is beyond beat, and after all... she does help me with the spell check on this thing. ;)