Sunday, July 18, 2010

Orange and Maroon

After the Farmer's Market, we took a little walk around Downtown. We went to one of our favorite stomping grounds... and Mommy tried ONCE AGAIN to get Daddy to agree to buy these AWESOMELY PHENOMENAL shoes. For a whopping $34.99 (times 2 mind you), he kindly declined. Mommy then kindly ignored him until she got over it.

Mommy would not feel defeated for long though. While these are HARDLY the most amazing shoes God has ever created, Mommy is happy with them, and I LOVE THEM!

Emma Grace's


Daddy was pretty happy with the outcome as well.... instead of $70, we bought EG's shoes from Target for $10 and mine from Payless for $10... Mommy already had the paint... because let's be for real... who doesn't have orange and maroon craft paint handy? ;)


Heather said...

we need to unite our craftiness and go into business together! ;)