Friday, July 9, 2010

Can you tell me how to get...

Pattison/Eye Family Fun Vacation in effect! We had a blast and a half venturing on up to Pennsylvania with my buddy Brett and his family to visit Sesame Place. While we had intense moments of highs (riding the coolest most awesomist rollercoaster) and intense lows (a skinned knee nearly sent me over the edge), we'd do it all over in a heartbeat. As long as that heartbeat meant that we weren't going to once again cram 6 years worth of family vacationing into 1 measly month. ;) Lesson learned. Honest. But I digress. Here are Brett and I making a mockery of the bed making system to begin our day.

I immediately wanted to hop on the first ride I saw... some rollercoaster or another. Brett wanted to take things more slowly... boys. ;) We headed on down to the carousel. Mommy would love to post some comparison pix of last year and this year, but her Picasa has been acting up... let's be honest... her computer has been acting up... scratch that... her life has been acting up, so hopefully one day soon we can see some comparisons... I know you're dieing inside.
Poor Emma Grace just sat around looking adorable the ENTIRE time... her and Shelby were two of the best behaved kids in the joint. Just wait 'til next year parentals... just wait.

I made some life long friends in the character department.
All was fine and dandy until I took a spill on the cement resulting in the most horrific hourish long temper tantrum of my life. I could not be consoled.
I enjoyed life long enough to ride my beloved rollercoaster. And then promptly went back to being a complete stick in the mud... right on through lunch. Towards the end I started to perk up... especially when the words "water" (wawert) and "bathingsuit" (bandaid soup) came into play.
Next year we start here.

This kid was as happy as a clam the whole day. She's such a brown noser.
We continued the day whoopin' it up and having the time of our lives meeting friends and riding rides. Who could ask for anything more?!

LOOK AT THIS PICTURE PEOPLE! This is Mr. Noodle (aka Daddy) with Mr. Noodle's nephew Mr. Noodle! PRICELESS.

Emma Grace and her girl Prairie Dawn. Mommy was so excited Em chose her out of the gift shop as opposed to that wannabe Zoe.
On our way out of the park for the day we stumbled upon Mr. Sunshine himself. :)
And SUPER GROVER! Once Mommy snapped this photo it began to rain. Now when I say rain, I really mean that it started to monsoon outside... yes I used that as a verb. We ran and ran and ran in the rain until we finally got into the car and were soaking stinkin' wet.
And then we went to Cracker Barrel. :)