Sunday, July 25, 2010

13 months

Rachel here. There's our girl at 13 months. We won't have a well visit again until 15 months, so there are no statistics for you, however, she is wearing just a few of her 12 month clothes and has moved into her 12-18 monthers.

She spends a good chunk of time crying because of injuries. This kid is as balls to wall as her sister is. In the above photo she was climbing up the stairs and managed to get stuck... ON THE FIRST STEP. OY! I came into the living room the other day because she was screaming bloody murder only to find that she had climbed on top of a chair... then on top of the coffee table. She was sitting in the middle of it criss cross applesauce. Talk about a heart attack. We have to watch her like a hawk.

She's getting really good at communication. In the last update post, I mentioned she was saying: mama, dada (which she can now differentiate between and often uses them for the correct person), nigh nigh (night night), ahduh (all done), she occasionally signs "more", and ALWAYS signs "hungry"... the kid can eat. We're adding ball to the mix this month... very exciting! Emma Grace also says something that sounds like "what's this" when she wants to know what something is. We're able to ask her where her milk is, and she crawls with lightening speed to get to it.

We do have a walker. We're definitely in the drunken frat boy stage where she looks more than intoxicated trying to get from here to there, but she's walking nonetheless. I can't wait until it's in larger spurts. So far I think we've topped at 16 steps in a row. Yes, I'm psychotic like that. :)