Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday/Tuesday... Reese

Rachel here. I've decided to make these posts on the girls' Montessori activities as short as possible but hopefully still informative. :)

Both girls have a spool of ribbon. Reese found one that had been left out and began unwinding and rewinding it... OVER and OVER again. Emma Grace just kind of runs around and drags hers behind her. :)
Magnetic fishing game I purchased from The Dollar Tree. Both girls love this activity as well. Emma Grace mainly just likes to play with whatever Reese has, so by default she investigates most of Reese's activities.

Color sorting with M&Ms. (Kathryn Kaye)
Water transferring with a medicine dropper. (Multiple sites) I'm ordering plastic test tubes from Oriental Trading for color mixing with water in the same manner.
Egg cracking activity purchased at The Dollar Tree. Reese pretends to "cracks" the egg, opens it, and plays with the slimy egg insides. HOURS of entertainment.
Reese is big into cutting food right now. She demands a plastic knife to cut her PB and honey sandwiches. I gave her a knife to use with her play-doh. Not nearly as amusing for her apparently.
We decided to take the week off from introducing new letters. I wanted to work with her on mastering the sound of the ones we have already gone over. I've been trying to come up with different letter sound activities to keep her entertained. Monday we did our beginning letter sound sort with our newest letters added. Today we worked on this sorting activity. She still can't completely do these on her own... the /t/ and /f/ are so similar in appearance... it's throwing her off, and then she panics and starts putting things in random places.
Latching activity. Each container opened a different way and had a special Halloween trinket in it. (My Montessori Journey) She's showing me the eyeball bouncy ball.
A simple transferring activity. I had her fish chopsticks with this, but she crunched the first goldfish, so we aborted that mission, and she used her fingers. Reese went beyond my expectations and made sure her fish were facing the same way as in the tray.
Letter sorting. (Montessori for Learning)
Thanks to Nana for this super awesome set of spelling puzzles. Once Reese figured out what letters completed each word,we worked on sounding each letter out to create each word. So far she's been trying to master the sounds of her 8 letters, and we hope to start working on decoding a few words that can be made with those letters... SUPER EXCITING.
And here are my projects from Art Class. My Fall "smear painting" is from last week.
Check out my stepping stone people!