Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reese... Mon/Tues

Rachel here. We started this week with the /p/ sound. I took the next set of letters (yellow group) and chose /p/ and /s/ because I knew I would be able to incorporate Halloween themes in with those two sounds.

Reese working on her /p/ lesson. She's decorating her /p/ with pennies.
I gave her red and yellow food coloring and had her squeeze them separately into two different jars. And then she took a baster and transferred/mixed the two into a third jar.

Then my hopes were for her to have bright colors to transfer to a coffee filter in order to make a pumpkin. NOT SO MUCH. I had to put a piece of orange paper behind it to enhance it. I cut various facial features for different projects for Reese. She was able to pick and choose what sets she wanted for what projects.
Today she cut orange paper and put the pieces onto contact paper and made a pumpkin mosaic.
Transferring candy corn pumpkins.
Halloween sensory tub.
20 minutes later. :)
"There was an Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything" activity from Making Learning Fun.
She colors very lightly, but she did in fact color... that in itself should be counted as a milestone. ;)
Helping decorate cookies for Daddy to take to Alpha with him.
More pumpkins.
(My Montessori Journey)
I bought the felt board from Once Upon a Child months and months ago, but I cut the pumpkin sets for Reese myself. There were three each of the stems, sets of eyes, noses, and mouths. She spent a little bit of time mixing and matching the features. This was an activity that took me 30 minutes to make and her 5 minutes to play with... le sigh.
This was a joint effort. I had to tell her where to lace the ribbon, but she really got a kick out of lacing it, and it turned out adorable! (I can teach my child)
This week's Art Class projects.