Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reese Wed/Thurs

Rachel here. /C/... candy corn crafts and cow collages (Alex Little Hands). :)

This was super cute! The girls got happy meals from McDonalds (yes, I give my children McDonalds. GASP! Guess what? I also give them vegetables, and they play outside... I know I know... scandalous.) and on the Happy Meal buckets were Mr. Potato Heads with missing faces, etc. Reese had a great time decorating them.
I tried to have her cut in a straight line. (Preschool Palace) She didn't understand that you had to open the scissors in order to continue the long cut. She's only ever made small cuts about an inch or so deep, so she ripped the paper repeatedly and got frustrated. It was interesting though... practice makes perfect.
Last week at bouncy class, we pulled out the bean bags. I thought it would be interesting to see what she would do when presented with a color pattern. I showed her a red bean bag, then a yellow one, a red one... and so on, and I asked her what came next. She knew... yellow, and then red. SO... I made her two color patterns, and she finished them both. :)
Because we were working on the letter c, why not make some cookies?! Reese very often bakes with me, but she did something very special for the first time. Reese DEMANDED to break the egg BY HERSELF. Needless to say I spent some time fishing out all the shell. :)
Tomorrow we'll be finishing up some of the activities she didn't get to throughout this week and working on our Literature activity for the book "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown." So excited!


Andria said...

You know what?! We have been known to eat at McDonald's sometimes, too.....

Nora cut just like Reese at that age...actually I think Reese is way better. Nora made "fringe" all the time, to the point that I thought she might move to Dallas and join the rodeo circuit.

Re. your post above: you seem like an INCREDIBLE mom...I totally know what you mean about sometimes wishing you had a job, for your own sanity (when my kids were as little as yours, I had mornings where I'd watch Dave walk out to the garage, with my face pressed to the glass, thinking, "Please...take me with you!"). There is no break, nothing you do or clean lasts more than 5 seconds, Daddy is the hero, and brainless TV is totally satisfying at 8 p.m. Now, you look yourself in the mirror and you say, "I am awesome! I am f-in' awesome! My kids are incredible little people and I am giving them everything, and nothing on this earth is more lasting than that!" And then fist- pump.... if you have any energy left. :)

I totally understand wanting to be better...and do more...but this outside observer can see that you do LOTS, and if you should be doing anything it should be for yourself....maybe that new book, or haircut or (gasp!) pedicure on occasion! You deserve it!