Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reese... Mon/Tues

Rachel here. We started this week with a review of the /t/ sound. Every time I showed Reese the /t/ sandpaper letter and asked her the sound that it made, she looked at me like a deer in headlights. She definitely needed the review, and HOPEFULLY we've nipped that in the bud. We revisited the sound, the letter book, and Reese's letter book. Reese also did two more /t/ crafts that turned out super cute. First she made a turtle mosaic. Thank you Pearl for the green sparkly paint... she adored it. (The Attached Mama... which is where I will more than likely be getting MOST of my alphabet crafts!)
She also made a Fall tree out of a toilet paper tube. (My Montessori Journey)

Reese is really starting to get the hang of the mouse now. She still has a long way to go, but she played on the computer for about 30 minutes without getting frustrated (and with some assistance by me)! We're big fans these days of Starfall... she loved watching the little letter videos, and I helped her play the games.
This is from last Friday. I put a few Halloween cookie cutters, paper, a pencil, and spooky colored markers out for Reese to trace and decorate. FAIL. I had to trace them for her, and then all she wanted to do was trace what I had drawn with a colored marker. It turned out to be a great activity for her... just not what I planned.
She traced her own hand. ;)
I pulled out our red word set (downloaded from My Montessori Journey)... the 8 letters we had been working on... and Reese used my makeshift movable alphabet to practice spelling the words. We sounded out each letter as we put it down, and then again to read the words. I printed the consonants we've learned so far on red paper and the vowels on blue... the closest I can get for now. :)
I googled "Montessori Activities Images" and found this idea, so I have no idea what site it is from, but I thought it was great. There are so many different ways to present the same information... I love it... even if it means I have to create 5 different activities for the same idea. :) Reese did well... when she took her time.
This picture turned out HORRIBLY, but Reese is doing a matching puzzle game where you match the mommy animal to the baby animal. This was an AWESOME find for $2 at a consignment sale.
This was another consignment find. Numbers and dinosaur puzzle pieces that fit into a book. I thought it was cute, but Reese didn't have enough patience to continue pulling the pieces out and putting them back in on each page. Emma Grace likes to play with it though. :)
Not an activity set out for her, but Reese decided to unwind a ribbon spool, put it in Emma Grace's toy, and pull it back out. At one point she told me it was like a volcano... whatever keeps her entertained.
The wooden number puzzle is AWESOME. I think I paid $2 for it at the consignment sale. It's really nice, and Reese is currently putting it together for the 4th time today. :) After she got each number put together, we put the numbers in order.
Number matching puzzle.
Also a consignment find for a few dollars... these wipeable cards. It's a pack of 40 double sided words with pictures. I pulled all the colors out for Reese to practice with today. She's very detailed and takes her time. It was really cute.
And this week's art projects from Art Class.