Monday, October 4, 2010

Reese's 800th Birthday Party!

Rachel here. We had Reese's 3rd birthday party on Saturday. I'd say it was HUGE hit. Thank goodness! After Emma Grace's rain debacle, I was on a birthday party low. The weather was BEAUTIFUL and our friends and family really made the day amazing.

Reese wanted a Shrek themed party, which cracked me up. I originally thought about going the Shrek/fairy tales/3 being the magic number/3 years old route, but settled on Far Far Away and Shrek's swamp. I was REALLY HAPPY with the way everything turned out, and I think Reese was too. :) I found this BEWARE sign in the dollar section at Target and then painted the ogre sign for the front door.
The goodie bags. Reese put all the google eyes on herself, and lemme tell you... some of them resembled Sloth from "The Goonies." They were AWESEOME!

All the food was swamp themed or green like Shrek. We had green chocolate covered pretzels with chocolate sprinkles, I made gingerbread men to resemble Gingy, green apples, green Rice Crispy treats, dirt, ants on a log, green grapes, green peppers and cucumbers with green dyed ranch, and sour cream and onion chips. I also put mason jars full of bouncy ball eyeballs, black beans with rubber snakes, and green split peas with black spiders in them. It was really cute.
We decided to go with cupcakes this year... so much cheaper than the yummy cakes down the street. ;) I got this cute cupcake holder from Target, wrangled up all of the Shrek McDonald's characters, and stacked on our bright green cupcakes.

Reese's favorite character is Donkey... she calls herself the Donkey, which I won't lie... pretty appropriate at times. ;)
Outside in the backyard we had certain areas. For once I was not embarrassed by our weeds... they looked awesome for Shrek's cottage and swamp area!
We also had our Far Far Away area. We tried to make the tents look castle-ish and managed to find some things to put on the bounce house as well. Emma Grace's castle swing set added to the decor, but I forgot to get a picture of all that together.

She got some AWESOME gifts! I'm so excited because a good chunk of them are educational toys that I can use with her during preschool time. I'll blog more about them later.
I made little ogre ears for party hats. :)

The kids just ran around and played... it was very laid back and super chill. LOVELY!

It was soon time for cake and presents.

What a great day spent with the people we love. Thank you so much to everyone who came, had fun, and spoiled my little girl uncontrollably. We really do love you. :)

P.S. This is my 800th post!!!!!! I can't decide if that's awesome or really really pathetic. :)


Andria said...

This is one of the most fun kids' parties I have ever seen!!!! And where on earth did you find the time, what with all the Montessori materials you hand-craft by candlelight into the wee hours? Seriously.....if I were your neighbor I would have crashed this party. :) The goodie bags, Shrek-ear hats and your painted sign are fantastic!

Drew Watts said...

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