Friday, October 1, 2010

Reese... Wed/Thurs

Rachel here. We finished the week off with a bang. I guess I shouldn't say finished... technically we have a story and activity tomorrow (which I guess is really today because it's officially 1 am... oy), but I just don't know what we'll get done because of the big bday party prep. Anywhoodle... Wednesday/Thursday's letter was "i"... I've decided how I'm going to attack the vowel sounds. We'll start the first day with the short vowel sound, and the second will be for the long sound. I told her today that sometimes the "i" dresses as a super hero and has to have a super hero name... and I told her it was the long sound. She seemed to buy it... now whether or not she can apply it is a totally different story. :) I could not think of a single thing for her to decorate her /i/ with, but I did manage to find some ice cream stickers, so we were good to go.
For the short /i/ Reese painted an inch worm made from an egg carton, and for the long /i/ I found some sprinkles in the cupboard and had her decorate her own ice cream cone... totally cute if you ask me.

Once she was finished decorating, she wanted to play with the rest of the sprinkles. I let her shake the entire container onto her cookie sheet. She felt all the different pieces with her fingers and then began making "o's" and other "letter" shapes. It was neat to see her do that on her own.

This was a game of I Spy that I found on one of those blogs over there (I really should write this stuff down, but I promise it was one of them). Basically you have a grouping of items with various letter sounds. These are the 6 letters we've been working on for the last month. I would say "Reese, I spy something that makes the sound /r/... can you find it?" Sometimes she would get it right, and sometimes not, but more often she did get them correct. We played until she got all 6 correct in a row.

Barrel of monkeys. She's far too uncoordinated to be able to play the actual game, but she had just as much fun playing with it her own way.

I had Reese attempt to move the black beans into the spray bottle with the tablespoon. As you can imagine, she got quite a few on the floor.
I then showed her how to use the funnel, and she was good to go on her own. She got every single bean into that bottle.
And then she poured them right back into the measuring cup. :)
This is an activity I used to let my 3rd graders do on Fridays. I had no idea how Reese would do. I figured the pieces were going to be too small for her, but she definitely proved me wrong. She's been working on it now for two days... isn't quite done with it, but she continues to go back to it when she is bored.

Tinker toys! I bought these a few years back, used them in my classroom, and now Reese is enjoying them.

I had her bingo blot a butterfly mask, but the bingo blotters bled super bad (say that 10 times fast). It did not turn out cute, but it's in the dress up trunk nonetheless.

Finally I found this activity on one of those sites (I promise I'm going to go back through them and link them accordingly... oy I feel like a thief). It's so cute... basically you make a "sculpture."
Reese took it very seriously and did a great job. She used every single piece of anything I gave her.

Until next week! (Of course I'll post about Emma Grace's week and our book craft tomorrow... but for now... I should probably get some sleep... tomorrow is going to be a long day!)