Monday, October 4, 2010

Montessori EG... last week :)

Rachel here. I had some really great things set out for Emma Grace last week, and this is what she did to it.

Instead she did these things...
Emma loves to steal chalk from the small easel we have in the playroom, run into the dining room, and draw all over the furniture. Luckily she also loves to wash her mess off with baby wipes.

Here she's stolen a box of flash cards from my stash. She likes to empty the box and attempt to put the cards back it. She can usually get one or two in, but in general she's pretty unsuccessful. :)

This toy is technically Reese's, it teaches letter sounds and is totally cute. My mom got it for her. Emma Grace, however, is in love with it! She runs in and presses the button (she's doing that in the picture), so that it plays the ABC song. She's dances and sings along. I've even caught her away from it making sounds in the tune of the ABC song... it's amazing. She's figured how that if she pulls the plane all the way to the bottom of the fridge, it comes off. Then she'll carry it around the house pressing the button. This girl is smart!
She did manage to do a few things that I planned for her. I don't have a picture of Emma Grace actually playing with her purse full of accessories, but she did, and it was cute. :) Thanks to Gma Nita for the awesome purse and pink necklace. They use to belong to her Aunt Mary, and my girls love them.
She even surprised me and dabbled in her color basket a bit.
I thought this was cute. I bought these containers forever ago and have used them for popcorn maybe once. I stumbled upon them in the pantry and thought Emma Grace would like them. Fill them with cotton balls, and you have fake popcorn. AND a huge mess everywhere you turn. :) It was worth it though because both girls thought it was hysterically fun to throw cotton balls. Even Bryan got goofy and balled them all up and threw it like a snowball. Once it hit one of the girls it exploded like a real snowball. It was pretty cute. :)
My mom bought this for Emma Grace last Christmas. The only thing she ever really wanted to do with it before was open and shut the top. :) This go round she was pushing all the buttons and dancing... she loved it!!!! This may look a little morbid, but it was a huge hit. I stuck some of Reese's baby doll paraphernalia (for lack of a better word at the moment) into this glass jar along with the baby doll. I taught her how to feed her baby, and she's been doing it ever since. I've decided to retire the Fall sensory mix and replace it with something for Halloween, so I put some of it in a bowl for Emma to work with.

She decided some of it would be better if it were placed in her baby doll's lotion container. Fine motor skills people. :)
Like many of the other activities I placed out for Emma Grace this week, this was a big fat fail. She was mostly just in to throwing things on the floor and making a mess.

HOWEVER... this made me laugh.
AND she was all about using her sister's. :)