Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reese Wed/Thurs

Rachel here. /S/... sprinkles and spiders. I can not even tell you how long Reese played with the sprinkles. She played with the sprinkles so much, that she did maybe one other activity from her shelf the rest of the day. :)
She marble painted a spiderweb which she later added spider stickers to.

Uppercase/lowercase letter match. (2 Teaching Mommies)
Frozen /s/trawberry and banana /s/mootie popsicles. :)
Emma Grace had a bit of a learning curve to overcome. :)
Eyeball bouncy ball transfer. Please excuse the color combination... there were no other containers clean. Argh.
Spiderweb watercolor/crayon resist painting. This was turning out to be so cute until Reese asked to use the smaller paint brush. :(
Big vs. Little eyeball sort. Each bowl was labeled with a /b/ for big and an /l/ for little.
/S/unscreen and /s/unglasses patterns. (Preschool Palace)
Color sorting with purple, green, and orange spider rings.
And finally... finger print spider family a la Reese, Emma Grace, and myself. :)