Friday, October 15, 2010

Wed-Fri... Reese

Rachel here. I feel like we've gotten NOTHING done this week. Between rec center classes and doc. appts., preschool time was eaten up quickly.

Anywho... I found this activity specifically on One Hook Wonder (I think!). Reese had to transfer the colored water via medicine dropper into the floral ice cube tray. She loved it so much, she transferred the water from the tray BACK to the bowl. :)
Since she enjoys cutting so much, I thought I'd throw in a pizza cutter along with her plastic knife to cut her play doh. All was fine and dandy until Emma Grace found the pizza cutter and was caught running around the house with it in her mouth. Oy.

Reese has played with these blocks ever since Emma Grace got them for her birthday, but she's never actually used them the way they were intended... until this week. It took some prompting, but she did it!I've been working with Reese writing her name. Don't you love the mix of upper and lower case letters? I chose the easiest of the duo to teach her... hopefully she won't be confused for life. ;)
We also drew self portraits.
This morning we worked on copying. I created differentmodels with her legos and had her copy them. It took her a while to realize I had one already made for me, and I wanted her to make one for herself. She kept wanting to just build right on top of mine. In the end she got each of the three "buildings" finished.
We FINALLY got to our Literature activity done from LAST week. For the love. We read one of her favorites "Chicka chicka boom boom." I found this really interesting painting activity at Making Learning Fun. Basically you show them each step alone, and they create a painting. We added our own adhesive foam letters to get the full effect. :) It's TO DIE FOR!
Reese also worked on a magnetic letter sort.
Next week we'll start sounding our 8 letter sounds out to create small words, and we'll jump back on the 2 letters a week train. I've also found some other really cute activities to put on Reese's (and Emma Grace's) shelf, so Sunday will be filled once again with tons of planning and creating. :)