Thursday, October 14, 2010

Montessori... Emma Grace

I didn't post anything for Emma Grace's Montessori activities last week because she was all over the place, so I decided to combine the activities she did to with this week's.

Emma Grace is a proud member of Bouncy class this Fall, and she couldn't be having a better time. She loves loves loves running around, throwing balls, and jumping all over the place.
Emma really did pretty much nothing that I set out for her. She was far more interested in what was placed out for Reese.

While she can't get the pieces into the actual slots of her animal puzzle... she got pretty flippin' close.
Alphabet toy from Grandpa and Pearl. Emma Graces loves anything that plays music. :)
Grandma sent some new fabric for Emma Grace's fabric box.
Cause and effect. Pushing different types of buttons to see who pops out of the container.
She enjoyed putting the pegs into the holes.
Nature walk.
This was a huge find at the Newburn Festival. The girls LOVE it. You put a marble through a small hole in the top, it travels through the inclined "stairs", and the marbles land in the box in the bottom. We bought this bad boy for $10... all it needs is a little bit of paint, and I've saved a butt ton of moolah from the ones listed on Amazon.
I saw this activity on Chasing Cheerios. Inside of the salt/pepper shaker is a small bit of water. Emma Grace was supposed to shake the water onto the tray and wipe it off with her sponge. She got a huge kick out of sprinkling the water, but our sponge is less than stellar, so she lost interest pretty quickly.
I hate this dog. I've hated this dog ever since the day I brought it home for Reese. Reese was never all that interested, but Emma Grace has taken a liking to him. Can't you tell? ;) You press different body parts, and it says/sings different things.
I took a shape book that I bought for Emma Grace from The Dollar Tree and a shape puzzle of the girls and set up a matching activity. While EG has no concept of matching yet, she really liked me going through the book with her and tracing all of the shapes with her finger.
Fastening activities. Everything was unlatched, but she loved opening and closing the doors and finding the Halloween trinkets in the containers.
I found these sheer fabric pieces online that allow children to be creative and wear/use them in any way they'd like. They are fairly pricey, and I happened to find a light weight piece in the fabric Grandma sent... so voila. She was playing "super hero" with Reese. :)
Putting marbles into pants and shaking them back out. Whatever keeps her entertained I say. ;)