Sunday, August 14, 2011


Emma Grace here... I know right?! HELLO WORLD! :) I've been invited here to blog today about my lover Jackson. I love him. He's amazing. And did I mention I'm willing to push my sister down and pull her hair in order to prove my love to sweet Jack? I love him. He's 4 now. I love 4 year olds. Swoon. Oh wait... I better get to the point before they don't allow me to guest blog here anymore. ;)

We traveled to Maryland this weekend to help celebrate Jackson's (SWOON!) birthday, and we definitely did it in style. His mommy and daddy threw him a dinosaur party at their local nature center. It was awesome... there wasn't a detail left undone. Mere can throw a party... for reals. It's a constant inspiration to Mommy. Mommy may have finally decided to buy some super cute downloads, for Reese's Jessie cowgirl party in October, from Etsy... because seriously people... Jackson's (SWOON!) were cute! But more on those later... here are some of the yummy goodies we took part in...Check these out! Mere cut squeezed oranges in half and filled them with blue jello. Once they were solidified, she sliced them... so cute!Bug nets filled with goodies for our favors.Here starts the pdf downloads from Etsy Meredith found... so unbelievably cute! She had some really sweet banners as well.Look at our adorable party hats!
Party shenanigans.After some eating and running around, we gathered in a room to get some hands on time with various creatures. We got to touch turtles, bearded dragons, snakes, and hissing cockroaches... we also got to examine (but not touch) a tarantula. It was awesome!Time for cupcakes!
There was also a bit of time after cake to explore the nature center...... and pose for a group picture!Thanks Jackson for inviting us... we love visiting!!!! :)