Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mission Accomplished

Rachel here. Reese's room is officially finished... well I'm working on painting some growth charts for both of my girls, so other than that... we're officially finished. :) Here's the finished product!

This picture isn't all that exciting, but I wanted to post it because I LOVE THIS WATERCOLOR Meredith made for Reese for her first bday. It's a beautiful tree with Reese's name painted in it. She made one for Jackson when he turned one, and I was in dire need of one myself. It's one of my favorite things ever given to us by great friends!

I wanted to point out the toy box. I found the toy box below in the 'Land of Nod' catalog for about $500. I thought it would be perfect for Reese's new big girl bedroom, so I asked Grandaddy if he wanted a project. ;) The above toy box is what he came up with. It's beautiful and IDENTICAL to the LON one but for a serious fraction of the price, and I know it's something Reese will treasure for the rest of her life. Grandma made the cushion for the top.

'Land of Nod' toy box.

That cute little table and chairs is a hand-me-down from Reesie's Auntie Amanda. A little paint, and it's just like new!

The dresser is a recycle as well. It used to be Bryan's dad's, and then it was in our old room in our townhouse... now it's in Reese's room!

The little bookshelf was also built by Grandaddy. I found the below one in the 'Pottery Barn' catalog for about $400 I believe. Oh the talent! ;) (The thick light green stripe will be where the growth chart will hang.)

'Pottery Barn' bookshelf.

And here is one of the owls I made out of scrapbooking paper for Reese's room. I was able to make matching sparrows for Deuce's room.

One more thing to check off the list before Deucie arrives!


Meredith said...

Awww! Yay! I'm so glad you love it :). I love Reese's room! Love the green, and all her new furniture. You did an awesome job mama :).

Melissa said...

I LOVE it!!!!!!! It is perfect- and how awesome is this Grandaddy of yours?? OMG! I need one of those :) GREAT job- it's the best!