Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Rachel here. Today has been a GREAT day. I woke up to Bryan asking me what I wanted for breakfast... Hardees chicken biscuit it was. :) Sadly... one of my favorites. Reesie gave me her great gifts... What to Expect the Toddler Years and two cutout themes for my Cricut (hopefully I can get caught up on scrapbooking soon!)... and the cutest most appropriate card ever!

We then started some laundry and spent the day outside playing in the sandbox and doing some yard work. Lunch, nap time, and grocery shopping soon followed. Reese helped me do some planting. We probably should have already gotten our veggies in the ground, but with being on vacation we knew our garden would be neglected, so hopefully we're not TOO late. Our veggies will incubate in their mini greenhouses for a couple weeks and then into the ground they'll go. Bryan will be busy building another garden next to our current one for pumpkins. In the past we've just crammed everything into one; we're hoping we'll have a little more luck this year.

I made homemade mac and cheese for dinner and then there was cheesecake for dessert. All in all... a super nice day together with my two and a half favorite people. :)