Monday, November 1, 2010

All Hallow's Eve :)

We've been having some issues with Blogger... it's been beyond slow, so it's taken us a while to get these posted. Doesn't make them any less cute though. :) Mommy and Daddy are nut jobs. We trick or treated three days in a row. Why? Mommy and Daddy thought we would love it. By Sunday Emma Grace cringed every time she saw her spider outfit and Mommy's arms were killing her from carrying said spider around. I, however, had a grand time and would like to go again tonight. :)

Friday we hit up the Montgomery County building where they were hosting trick or treating... before heading to downtown Radford for their shenanigans.
This is Emma Grace's first trick or treating exchange... Mommy teared up.
Saturday was trick or treating in downtown Blacksburg with Aly and Baby J. We happened to stumble upon some Trunk or Treating as well, had some dinner, and then headed to the Blacksburg Halloween Carnival at the Community Center. Here we mingled with the Hokie Bird. It was pretty much amazeballs.We tried our mad skills at some games but didn't stay long... it was rather crowded. Sunday we dressed the baby sister up, but she passed on the goodies. I, however, made out like a bandit in our neighborhood.Mommy and Daddy are complete Hitler's (if this offends anyone... sorry.) when it comes to our Halloween candy. They take away everything chewy (for the love of god... brushing their teeth is already a chore... we don't need yummy caramel living in between their incisors), no bubble gum, no nuts (Mommy is afraid we'll choke), and all lollipops have to be separated because Mommy likes our hair too much. That leaves... Smarties, Hershey bars, M&ms, Kit kats, peanut butter cups, and Reese's pieces. Then they put these rules on us... like they are the bosses. We can only have one piece of candy a day, AND we have to finish all of our dinner... it's like prison.