Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Rachel here. We're slowly transforming the dining room back into a dining room, and the play room into Reese's play room w/amazeballs letter art work. :) This week we began by tackling the /j/ sound. I stupidly gave the Jujubees to Josh... argh... he enjoyed them though, so it was hardly horrible. Jelly beans would have been great, but I'm not going to buy a bag of jelly beans just so we can glue them to a letter "j". Luckily Reese was fine with sticking a bunch of "j" stickers to the letter. :) She also made an ADORABLE jellyfish.
Tuesday was /k/. Krispies (Rice Krispies... lame I know... but we're going for frugality here people) and kites.

Emma Grace insisted on participating, so she used some of the scraps from Reese's kite. I'm so glad I got a picture of her little collage because she definitely took it all apart when she was done. :)
Today was the /n/ sound. Noodles and numbers.
Two more puzzles from the dollar section at Target. The first is a matching type puzzle with aliens... cute. The second is a house that Reese, for the life of her, CAN NOT do. She tries awfully hard though. :)
These types of things really wig my brother out. He thinks there is something seriously wrong with "babies taking care of babies." I'm willing to bet he has nightmares. :)
OCD... she had to have all of the letters facing up. Took a good 10 minutes.
This puzzle was too difficult for Reese, so I had to do the outer pieces and let her fill it in.
Emma is learning more and more how to do her nesting toys correctly.
There was some paint time.
Which promptly resulted in a bath. :)
Reese's idea of cup stacking.
And her working on a top secret Christmas gifts for her friends. Shhhh....
Crayons and play doh... throw these two things in with books, and you have the three things Emma Grace would take with her if she were stranded on a desert island. ;)
I learned Reese loves for Josh Groban.
Random dance party per the refrigerator farm animal matching toy... (My dearest Shelby... I love pressing the dance party button just like you... easily my favorite thing to do all day... love Emma Grace.).
Lots of sensory activities this week. I moved the Fall collage out of the dining room (as I'm clearing out all of the preschool stuff hopefully in time for the holidays) and put it on the sliding glass door in the play room. I caught the girls rubbing it the other day. Exactly what I wanted them to do with it.
Emma Grace chose to pour out her snack all over the table. She then started to feel it and swish it all over the place. HUGE mess, but what's a day without a mess around these parts?
Reese worked on some alphabet matching. She had to match her animal letter to the book letter. Very simple considering the letter was marked on the animal. I just gave her the basket, and she seemed to know what to do immediately.
Of course our little shadow of a child had to play too, so I gave her the animals and books that Reese hasn't done yet, and she played her own game. :) She clapped every time she put an animal on a book... it was really sweet.

And there you have it! We'll do /o/ tomorrow. :)


Miranda said...

We have the same house puzzle and the roof is SO hard! It took me like 5 minutes myself to figure it out.