Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Homemade Christmas

Rachel here. We're about waist deep in Christmas gifts already, and it's not even Thanksgiving! The budget has been set, and this year we're DETERMINED to stick to it. Each year we set a budget, and always go over. Because we'll be saving up for things for this home in hopes of selling and then building a new home, we HAVE to be serious and stick to our guns. We've already found ourselves becoming more and more creative when it's coming to gift giving. Luckily I inherited my mom's crafty gene because frankly... I'm going to need it. :)

Bryan and I really wanted to get Reese a dollhouse from Santa this year. I think every little girl should have a dollhouse. I still have my Barbie townhouse from when I was younger, but Reese hasn't really shown an interest in Barbies, so it's put away for her or Emma Grace when the time is right. When trying to decide what to get her we took in to consideration materials, longevity, size, and aesthetic appeal. I found super cheap, super colorful, super large, super small... you name it, and we considered it. Then I saw this ADORABLY PERFECT GREAT ALL ITEMS INCLUDED dollhouse from One Step Ahead and knew Reese had to have it.
One problem. It took up most of Reese's budget. Here's where we get creative. I hopped on my favorite site, Etsy, and found some really great ideas for gifts that I knew I could make with no problem. Here are my efforts from today during nap time. One of my plans is to make Reese a variety of felt food for her play kitchen. We bought her some of the M&D wooden pantry/refrigerator items, but I love the felt food just as much. Why pay an arm and a leg for something I can make myself... AND I already had all the supplies to boot! Here are some fried eggs... ... and what kid doesn't need bowtie pasta???? ;)CUTE RIGHT?! I'm so excited! I found some more great ideas for the girls and for their little friends. The plan is to get as much done each day during nap time as I can until I'm all done for Christmas. I'll be posting different projects as I get them done. The goal is to not buy too many things... I already have LOADS of crafty things here at the house that I haven't even touched, so I'm sure Bryan is thankful too. :)