Sunday, November 28, 2010

Start your engines!

Rachel here. Yesterday was the VT vs. UVA game, so Bryan and I dropped the girls off at the grandparentals' house Friday afternoon. They've been gracious enough to watch the girls multiple times this season, so I would be able to go to the games, and it's been awesome. We decided to drop them off early enough to hang out just the two of us and get some things done. We started by getting some holiday shopping done, and then had an early dinner at the Tavern in Abingdon. To say my meal was AMAZEBALLS would be an understatement. I had spinach ravioli with some yummy goodness all over it. I can't even explain it... I even took a bite of B's steak (not a huge fan of steak), and I literally thought I might die from the utter goodness of that badboy. After dinner, we headed to Bristol Motor Speedway to see the Christmas lights. We drove all around the speedway looking at some pretty impressive light displays.BUT the most impressive part was being able to drive around the track... holy awesomeness.Since we had Bryan's dad's truck with us, we ended up getting our Christmas tree and heading home. It was such a great time! We really should do things like this more often. :)