Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ravioli, sauce, and sugar cookies... oh my!

Rachel here. I'm having so much fun making this felt food! My hand is starting to get a little sore, but holy moly... I couldn't be happier with the finished products!!! Here are Reese's new ravioli. :)
And what's ravioli, and bowtie pasta for that matter, without sauce? ;)

I still have three of these bad boys to stuff and close, but holy mother the sugar cookies are so sweet.
I still have some things I'd like to attempt to make, so we'll see what we come up with next. If I can just figure out how to package these things, we'd be good to go. I'm thinking little Chinese food style boxes for the pastas... any suggestions???????


Carrie said...

Chinese food boxes for the pasta, and cookie boxes for the cookies! If you go to the baking section of Michaels (where the cake pans and icing are), they have individual boxes for EVERYTHING and they have clear tops so you can see in. Love the felt food!

Andria said...

These are adorable!!!!!!