Friday, November 12, 2010

This week

Rachel here. Reese is doing AWESOME with letter sounds/recognition. She can identify and say the sound for ALL of the letters. We haven't even finished the alphabet yet! Because she's doing so well, I decided to work with her on one letter per day until we're done with her art projects for her playroom border... which look great so far. Unfortunately we could only get 2 done this week because Emma Grace woke up Monday morning like this:ADORABLE huh? :( So needless to say with one sickie, we've flown completely by the seat of our pants this week. We did manage to work on the letters /d/ and /e/.

Dots and a donkey (which happens to be Reese's FAVORITE animal... both from DLTK). :)
For the letter /e/, we did washed/dried eggshells and hand print elephants. I can't recall where I found the hand print elephants right off. I'm thinking it was from The Attached Mama though.
Emma Grace worked on the train puzzle. She loves to put the pieces on the sticks... no rhyme or reason, but she loves it!
And Reese worked on her letter puzzles. She's starting to surprise me everyday with how she sounds things out. After each word, she sounded all of the sounds, looked at the picture, and then declared what she had just spelled. I'm so excited! She's also been saying the letter sounds for words that we see out and about!
Working on her shapes.
At first Reese was putting the correct number of frogs under each number... helter skelter, and having some trouble with it.
When I told her to match the colors, she got the hang of it and was able to count and check her work.
I made a killing in the dollar section at Target this week! My demise. They had these great little wooden puzzles, so we loaded up.
There were also some little wooden cars that Bryan spotted. They are beyond adorable and Emma Grace hearts them.
Yesterday Reese brought me these letters from her Leapfrog fridge toy that Nana bought her AGES ago... she put them down in front of me and told me they were the letters in her name. I'm so excited about her eagerness to learn!
Despite the craziness and lack of structure this week, the girls have managed to help out and stay entertained. I love them so much!


Heather said...

poor Emma Grace. It looks like both our little ones were sick this week:( I hope she's feeling better!!

Miranda said...

Not sure if I have already told you about this site or not...
she does lots of great letter activities, sensory tubs, and crafts. fyi. Thanks for inspiring me! This weekend's goal- find someway to make the weekly learning poster :)