Saturday, November 6, 2010

Last week

Rachel here. We've had SERIOUS computer problems here at Hotel Pattison... hence the lack of posting. :) I started this post last week, so the date is probably going to be off. The computer has been set back to manufacturer's settings, and we're good to go... I hope.

Last Wednesday/Thursday we finished up with the /h/ sound. Reese painted what was intended to be a cute little /h/appy face, but it quickly turned into a character similar to those found in the Mr. Men books. :) DISCLAIMER... I did in fact help Reese outline the hat, but the rest she did on her own.

We also tackled the /l/ sound. Licorice and lollipops!

The girls both did a transfer activity with some of the leftover Halloween sensory beans.
As you can see Emma Grace was really good at it. ;)

Emma LOVES books! This one from Baby Einstein is currently her favorite. I added some objects that were the same colors as the objects in the book. She loved it!
Reese has really gotten into her little computers. She has a couple of them but can FINALLY play some of the games. She's super interested in the letter sound activities. Basically the computer says a letter and she has to find it, and she really has no problem, but sometimes it moves a little fast for her. :)
Em is also super into her bead thingy (no clue what you call these things!), we actually got her a HUGE cube with all kinds of these things on it for Christmas... she'll love it!
The week ended with an impromptu trip to Grandma and Grandaddy's house, so Bryan and I could venture to the VT vs. Georgia Tech game.
We also had an AWESOME play date with our homies Aly and Jameson. Baby J is the perfect tea party participant. He just sits there and goes with the flow.
What's better than tickle time from a couple of cute Pattison girls? ;)
Yay for the return of Thursday play dates! :)