Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Girls Mon/Tues

Rachel here. It's been a slow Preschool week around here. Yesterday I declared it a teacher work day. Oh how I miss THOSE days. We watched a lot of PBS, I super cleaned the living room... although you wouldn't know that a day later, we started Music Class (surprisingly Reese dug it), the girls took a nice long nap, and we vegged. It was nice. Then this morning we voted and had Art Class. We've been enjoying our days nonetheless.

Emma Grace did manage to pull this off the puzzle bookshelf in the playroom. She loves it.
I put this on her shelf this morning... Mr. Potato Head. (Chasing Cheerios) She just likes to the stick the facial items in the holes... no particular rhyme or reason to the placement. :)

Reese started the /h/ sound, which she decorated with /h/eart stickers. She's picking up the sounds MUCH quicker than when we first started. She knows just about every single sound already now... thanks to some extra practice from "The Letter Factory" by Leapfrog. It makes the morning letter lesson very short and painless. She's doing AWESOME, but I think we'll both be ready for her to venture on over to the Montessori school in January to keep her occupied. :)
For our /h/ craft, Reese made a /h/ouse. She told me all the pieces she wanted to put on her house and the colors. I cut them out, and she glued them where she wanted to put them. Check out the flowers in the grass... she put them a pattern! :) We were able to talk a lot about the shapes that we saw, and Reese counted each one.
Here are the art projects we worked on in class today. Fingertip painting. This is supposed to be a Fall tree. The popsicle sticks are branches. ;) Next week is our last class until Winter session starts after the first of the year. :( Looks like I'll have to find some cuter Fall/Winter art projects of our own.
Chalk drawing. Reese informed me that this was a caterpillar. :)
Ocean collage. I'll definitely be framing this in a shadow box for the girls' bathroom when we move... in 35 years. ;)
Halloween candy sort... since she finished her dinner, she was allowed to have one piece. She works hard for her candy. :)
Hopefully we'll be back on track with some more tasks to work on for the rest of the week. :)