Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Shelby Lou!

Emma Grace here. My brohamina Shelby turned 1! This is both very exciting for Shelby and us kids (hello... cake!), but very sad for everyone else. I mean seriously folks... 1?! Every time one of us kiddies has a party, it's a reminder that time does not in fact stand still, and then the parentals get all mushy and high strung. I say they need to all just take a deep breath and a get a grip... oy.
The big sister ran around the entire time with Brett... they are like two little peas in a pod.

I found solace in the awesome tunnels Uncle Josh stole from work... ahem... I mean borrowed... he's good at using his resources to the utmost of his ability... here here!
There was also tons of love shed on the birthday girl.
Shelby was so sweet and loved her cake. She's also quite smart... no problem showing us how old she was. ;)
Turning 1 did, however, prove to be exhausting for the little nugget. Until next year Shelby!