Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good enough to eat

Rachel here. I decided to get a little ambitious, and I'm so glad that I did because I love the final results! So far I've been able just to find things on Etsy that I think are cute and somewhat mimic them. Here is a bologna sandwich with all the fixins. I saw that someone made some little felt mustard and mayo, but I'll only attempt those after I've completely finished with everything else.
I also made Reese a pb&j option. ;)

Here is my first of God only knows how many donuts. I did have to look online for directions on how to make this bad boy, and it took me quite some time (although, now that I know what I'm doing... they should be easy to crank out), but I think it turned out so great I'd like to run over to D&D right now. :) I'm not that great at the closing seam for these things, so thank god Reese is only 3 and doesn't know any better. :)
I'll probably continue to work on a few more felt things for her throughout this coming week, and then I think it'll be time to move on, but I am having so much fun! If there weren't so many little shops on Etsy, I'd open my own!