Monday, November 29, 2010


Rachel here. We've been taking home preschool pretty easy the last few weeks. Lots of free play, lots of free art, lots of cartoons, lots of relaxation... not so many intentional montessori activities. I know Reese will be heading off to Montessori school in a little over a month, and perhaps it's making me want to take it easy... I don't know. Besides Reese doing a couple of Thanksgiving art projects in art class, we didn't do anything Thanksgiving related. :(We did manage to finally finish our letter 'o'. Lifesaver mints in the shape of 'o', and an octopus... the little suction cup thingies are buttons. We love buttons around these parts.Bryan was also home most of last week for the holiday and did some baking with the girls.
There are tons of really great Christmas/winter projects I've already found, so hopefully I'll have some great ideas to share. :)