Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy 6 month birthday Emma!

For your gift, Mommy and Daddy bought you a snowstorm. :) Rachel here. Of course we will be following you with the actual "6 month" post, but we had to share with you our recent weather endeavor. :) Here is the view from our front door yesterday around 2pm. It's hard to see, but it is in fact snowing.
This is the view a little more than an hour later.

I put Reese's new snowboots on her feet, and she had a BLAST!

Here is what it looked like around 530 last night... I believe we were already up to 4 inches or so.
And this is the hot mess we woke up to this morning around 830am.

The first time I went out I was wearing capri yoga pants and Bryan's boots with ruler in hand. I got about 3 feet from the house and promptly turned around. Take two... me in sweatpants, Bryan's boots, and a measuring tape.

From the middle of our yard... free from blowing snow piles... we got 14 inches.

Here's Bryan trying to dig us out. We're supposed to be at his parents house for Christmas... like last night. :) We're attempting again today once the interstates open back up.

Last night Bryan moved my Subaru to the end of driveway with the thoughts that he would have less behind him to shovel this morning. This spot was CLEAR before we went to bed last night. :)
Stay tuned for more Winter Wonderland pictures!