Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Rachel here. Today was eventful. For the most part Emma Grace did her own thing but was VERY productive. :)

She started with a do-a-dot for the letter a. (CoaH)
Then she did her lowercase a "collage". I cut little pictures of ants for her. Kid loves her some glue. (CoaH for the a)This was a number match. The head of the ant had the numeral on it, while the hind end had dots showing the number. Of course we're not at all capable of doing this activity in the way it was intended. The nice thing about it though is that it's color coded. Emma Grace matched the colors, and as she did that we counted the dots and read the numerals. (CoaH)This is her... doin' her own thang. Color puzzle.Working with shape pattern blocks.She requested more strips of paper to cut. :)More of the own thang thang. Shape puzzle.Mama/baby puzzle.Alphabet lacing.Mosaic work.Nuts/bolts matching.Reese pick up, lunch, nap time.

Reese really didn't have much work to do today. She had to match the uppercase/lowercase letters. (CoaH)Uppercase letter assessment. I called out letters for her, and she dotted them once she found them. She got them all right! I don't anticipate the same with the lowercase... we tend to get the b and d mixed up along with the g and q. (CoaH)
Then she vegged out for a good 40 minutes on Starfall. EG wakes up, we read ABC by Dr. Seuss, and have snack. On today's menu... ants on a log (which I anticipated a fight over.... so I used chocolate chips and scooped some applesauce JUST IN CASE.) These are Reese's exact words... Me: "Reese do you like your snack?" Reese: "Yeah! It's kind of yucky, but it's okay." :) She then was "nice" enough to "share" her second log with me. ;) HOWEVER, this one... she SCARFED them down like it was her last meal!SCIENCE DAY! A plate of milk, 2ish drops of different colored food coloring, dish soap on the end of a q-tip... dip it in between all of the colors... and BAM! FIREWORKS! :)Then we headed to the playground across the street, rode bikes in the driveway, ran around in the backyard, had dinner, did some of this...... and then watched some books on video until bedtime. BED BED BED BED. I may go there now. :)