Thursday, March 15, 2012

A rainy Thursday

Happy rainy Thursday! Rachel here. The morning was pretty shot with our baby appointment and running errands, but once the girls got rolling... they were unstoppable. Of course we had to start with applying makeup like harlots. :) The girls love dressing up, and who am I to deny them?
Emma Grace got right to work on her letter e work. She actually followed the lines this go 'round as opposed to just coloring it in. PROGRESS! :) (CoaH)Reese worked on her numbers. (CoaH)The geoboard has become a favorite in the few short days it's been here. I should have bought two because I'm sure we'll have issues one of these days.
Reese worked on her number collages. We only tackled 1-3 today... it was easy peasy for her, but I want to make sure she understands the foundations before we get into anything too crazy. She's already adding 1 digit numbers at Montessori, but at least she's going with the flow and humoring me. :) (CoaH)
I attempted pattern work with EG. We're SO NOT READY, but she enjoyed using glue nonetheless. (CoaH)Reese didn't really enjoy this work much. The idea was to roll playdoh into a long snake and recreate the shapes of the numbers. She couldn't get the snakes quite long enough and wasn't willing to put the effort in. I think she got to number 4ish... it's back in her box for tomorrow... at least the remaining numbers. We'll tackle it together and see where we get. (CoaH)ELEPHANT and elephant letter tile matching. (CoaH)Reese cut out of her cutting book like her life depended on it. She did an AWESOME job. Once she's done coloring them, I'll post... you know... because I'm sure you're dieing to see them. :)Numeral to objects match 1-10. (CoaH)EG played with Reese's work playdoh. I wanted to show her how to roll it into a ball, snake, etc... she just wanted to smoosh it. SO smoosh it we did. :)Em started her uppercase e collage. I busted out the new M&D letter stamps. She didn't get far, so hopefully she'll want to finish up tomorrow. (CoaH)
Writing in the sand. :) While I was cleaning some school stuff out, we stumbled up my color test tubes. Emma Grace poured all the contents out and mixed them up with her rock crayons... and then left the mess. HA! It wasn't long before she realized I was going to make her sort the rock crayons from the tube contents, and then sort the colors. She had no problems with the work except that I'm sure she didn't learn her lesson. :)Here's to tomorrow being Friday! :)