Saturday, March 17, 2012

Whoa is me

Rachel here. So apparently I really have been overdoing it. :( Yesterday I was washing the windows and putting some screens in our bedroom and began to experience some of the worst pain of my life. I couldn't even walk without wincing. I emailed Bryan, went to pick Reese up from preschool... crying the entire way. Once I got home, Bryan was here, and I was able to call my doctor's office. Before leaving, I looked up all of the symptoms of preterm labor and definitely had a few of them, which caused me even more anguish. After talking to the triage nurse at the office, I was told to lay down on my left side and drink my ass in water pretty much. She said that the doctor on call at the hospital would give me a call. After speaking with her last night and this morning, we've decided that the baby must be laying funny and bearing down on some nerves. I'm still in a lot of pain when I'm on my feet for more than 5ish minutes (allowing me to you know... do nothing), and there was quite a bit of swelling in my perineum area, so I've been told to "take it easy", keep hydrated, and lay down... as much as possible... because Reese and Emma Grace are really into sitting in one spot and staring at me. The baby is SUPER active, I have no lower back pain, no other swelling, and no signs of blood, and no loss of fluid, so in general... there is extreme relief. I hope this works it's way out soon because 7 weeks of this just doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun to me.

Not to mention... there is schtuff to get done! Oy.


Andria said...

Oh, no!! I was thinking about you yesterday. I was kinda worried after reading about all you have been doing.

I was remembering how, during my pregnancy with Soren, I was in pain all the time. ALL the time. know where. Our situation was very similar to yours right now (but with 1 less child!). We moved across country a few weeks before he was house...a million important-seeming know exactly how it goes. It leads to major physical pain.

Please, please, go easy on yourself and get some rest!!! It is okay to rest! Everything will get done. And what you don't get done, you won't even remember a month from now. :) I promise!