Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy green beer day!

Happy day after green day y'all! We had an eventful day that started with large chocolate donuts doused with green frosting per Daddy. :) They were scrumptious.

For lunch... yummy green goodness. After Mommy took this picture, she realized she usually cuts our sandwiches in the shapes of shamrocks (but the cookie cutter is packed)... and what's with the white ranch... she's slipping. ;)
Luckily Daddy made up for it with more sugary goodness. After lunch snack.
Shamrock cookie sugar high.Why do my kids look like giants?Off to Macado's we went for dinner. We've been every year since Reese was born. It's our thing. They go all out. :)We returned home for green jello, whipped cream, with rainbow sprinkles on top.Of course there was some silly time.Hope everyone had a lovely GREEN day!


Andria said...

Boy, that looks fun!

I hope I wasn't too... uh, melodramatic in my last comment. It probably sounded like I was sobbing over the keyboard. I just really identified...having had that same experience when I was pregnant w/ Soren....thinking I had to do it all and being in major pain. Hope you are feeling almost 100% soon. :)