Thursday, March 15, 2012

32 wks

Rachel here. Just got home from my 32 week appointment. I'm up 23 lbs. I had protein in my urine sample, but my blood pressure was completely normal. They've sent it off to be cultured... doc is thinking a bladder infection as opposed to preeclampsia... as the only symptom I have is the protein. I should know for sure by Monday (it takes 2-3 days for results, and I'm in right before the weekend) morning if I need antibiotics. Oh the joy. :) I'm extremely sore and achy. I've never been so achy in my life. I'm blaming the fact that I'm "in my 30's". I'm sure it's because it's my 3rd... and then you have Frick and Frack. I'm also overdoing it... flat out. I'm trying to help Bryan as much as I can with this house production, and by evening I feel like I'm dieing. Frankly... it sucks. I pulled weeds in the front yard yesterday, and today I just want to sleep. It may only look like I've swallowed a basketball, but trust me... there is a kicking punching fetus in there causing all kinds of shenanigans. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it's still too far if you ask me. :)

Next appointment... April 3rd!


Andria said...

Hang in there mama!!! :)