Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday = SO SMOOTH

Rachel here. We started the morning all eating breakfast... even Tiana. She requested Fruit Loops, but happens to be lactose intolerant... so hers was dry. :)We did our regular morning routine... and without me prompting anyone to do anything... this is how the rest of the day went...

Reese practiced tracing her alphabet before preschool.We hung out at preschool for about 45 minutes, so Emma Grace could try every practical life work known to man. ;) Once returning home, Emma Grace requested we string beads.And then she played My Little Ponies...... and cut wooden fruit.She spotted the geoboard, and after a quick tutorial began creating shapes like it was her job.There was also some preschool picking up, lunch eating, and nap taking. Snack at 3:00 followed by extreme outside playing/weed pulling.We ate dinner, and then something happened. The girls began doing activities in their work boxes. I placed them out for them, and let them do as they wished. I didn't tell them they were there, or what needed to be done when... they just went with the flow and did their own thing. It was awesome. And they were SO PRODUCTIVE. Apparently we work better in the evening. :)

EG did some ant size sorting. (CoaH) I asked her which ant was the biggest, she picked, laid it down... then out of what was left, I asked her which ant was the biggest now? We went through all of them like that until there was only the smallest left. She did awesome. She even did it again later by herself. While her second attempt was not as successful, she tried really hard and was SUPER close to having it down.Em also did her first Kumon sheet from her paste and stick book. It teaches kids how to cut things out and paste them in a particular spot. The beginning is just peeling stickers and placing them where they want to... it's really cute, and she seemed to dig it.Reese worked on her letter sounds. Picture with letter match. (CoaH)
Emma Grace finished her first hand print picture for her alphabet book. It's an alligator (still wet)! HA! I found a whole file of them on Pinterest. So cute.Finished with the 'a' and it's been marked off the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree! (CoaH)I also did Reese's lowercase letter assessment with her. (CoaH) She's been second guessing herself with the g & q... and with the b,d,p,q. I called out a letter, and she would say "I think this is the b, but I'm not sure..." and then she would get it. I told her to mark what she thought was right. It's something we'll still need to continue working on, but she got them all correct.Our first week's worth of work!I also placed some boxes out for Emma Grace's new letter 'e', and Reese will be working on number/shape/color reviews.

Reese had to place the correct number of stickers to represent the numeral. (CoaH)Numeral/word work. (CoaH)Emma Grace working with her sand paper letters, sand box, foam letter formation, and chalk board.
This totally cracked me up. Look at her face!Color by number. (CoaH) She was ALL OVER THIS! I haven't gotten her to finish a coloring project in FOREVER. We went over what each number was and what color to color it. She loved it.
Elephant cutting.We ended with puzzles... shocker. :)Tomorrow I hope to get an art project and a Science experiment in... it's supposed to rain!


Andria said...

Glad you had such a nice day!