Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Rachel here. I returned from my girls' weekend Sunday... I think it's safe to say we all had a blast. We met another Mommy friend at the outlets and went on a mini shopping spree. Pedicures were had... lots of food was consumed... in fact I made up for the 1 lb gain I had from 2 weeks ago... WITH NO PROBLEM. :) I had a hard time recuperating from the weekend and the time change, so Monday was a free day. I spent the morning finishing up the girls' bedrooms, while Emma Grace kept herself entertained in her room/upstairs. It was really nice.

Today we hopped back on the preschool wagon, but this time I let the girls rule the roost. Here's what they came up with.

Emma Grace worked on putting clothespins on the rim of a container. It was quite hard for her, so she settled on putting magnets on the outside of said container instead. :)We then stringed beads onto pipe cleaners and made little caterpillars. I'm the only one who actually finished, but we worked on them for a good 30-40 minutes.I can't remember what we were talking about, but I asked Reese what 10+10 was... her answer 11. :) So I told her to count both her toes and her fingers... she finished and yelled "20!" She's gotten really good at adding smaller numbers. They've started using the math beads with her at school, so I'm hoping to make some replicas for here at the house.We got dressed... IN SHORTS... and then headed across the street to the park. Reese went down the slide once and ended up with soaked shorts, so we headed back across the street to go on our field trip. I sent Frick and Frack upstairs to change their shorts... and waited... and waited. I went upstairs only to find the girls playing Mr. Potato Head. :)After they finished, we headed to this week's destination... Lowes. I know what you're thinking. That's HARDLY a magnificent field trip. BUT... the weather was beautiful, and the girls are all about some flowers right now, so we meandered around the nursery. The girls wanted a bird bath... I told them if they could lift it into the cart it was theirs. LUCKILY... they are wimps. :)The girls each picked out 2 flowers. Reese got violet Hyacinths and whatever the below flowers are, and Emma Grace got red tulips and the same flowers below.(We also headed to Michael's to buy some birdhouses for the girls to paint, but we didn't get to that yesterday... oh AND lunch at Panera.) We headed back home to paint some pots for our flowers... hopefully we can get those finished and plants transplanted tomorrow for your viewing pleasure.I pulled some weeds while the girls painted, found a worm, and that was the topic of conversation for about 20 minutes... "oh she's sooooooooooooo cute!" "it not a girl... it a boy!" "no Emma... it's a GIRL!"What's a beautiful day outside without riding bikes?EG went down for quiet time, while Reese played with her new geoboard... which is already broken. SERIOUSLY... she played with it for 20 minutes before a damn peg broke. This deserves and email to the company... stat... because homegirl loves her some geoboard play.I hopped in the shower while she played with her Polly Pockets. When I came downstairs, she was working in her workbook.
And then there was computer time.The day ended with snack, dance class, dinner, and a bath. Emma Grace said to me today... "where is my work... I want my work?!" I'm taking a different approach with the work boxes... more to come.