Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Rachel here. Another good day yesterday. I'm slowly learning that sometimes I have to let go and take a deep breath sometimes. Sometimes they just want to do what they want to do. They do have to finish a certain amount of work though if they want computer time. Yesterday Reese decided she didn't need computer time and did her own thing a good chunk of the time. I'm alright with that as long as she's busy and entertained. Baby steps.

Here's what we did get accomplished. Glass bead matched to her letter a sheet. Eventually these will be turned into magnets to be used with a cookie sheet. (CoaH)Lowercase clips matched to uppercase wheel. (CoaH)
Color by letter.
Emma Grace has a new found love for cutting. :)Vowel sort. (CoaH)Letter a hunt. She stamped two letters that weren't a's, which I thought was pretty good. I did point to each word individually, so it wasn't too overwhelming for her. We went over what sounds those letters actually make and called it a day. :) (CoaH)EG had no interest in actually tracing her letter a... instead she colored it in. :) (CoaH)Tuesdays are FIELD TRIP days. Since we were reading One Fish... by Dr. Seuss, I wanted to take the girls to look at fish. The plan was to go to the gardens/pond over on campus, but it was cold... so we headed to PetSmart. :) The girls had a blast! We took our magnifying glasses in and made a spectacle of ourselves... who wouldn't want to do that? The girls loved the mice and the birds. We left with two little igloo houses for their Zhu zhu pets. :) Then it was lunch at the girls' favorite hot spot Cracker Barrel. Reese just wanted to play with the sand. :-/ She made various shapes and letters.The Alphabet Game. This was really fun. Roll the dice, go to that spot, say the letter name/sound/and a word that starts with that letter. She beat me. :) (CoaH)
I think her favorite part may have been throwing the dice and running to find it. :) (Please ignore all the random shenanigans... our house is full of it... lots of different projects going on.)Reese: MORE... Color by letter... she was stalling from having to do her workbox work. :)After reading One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish we had snack. :)
Reese: Dot-to-dot 1-20.
This was done by Reese... mainly in her underpants... and only underpants... hence the childless picture. :) (CoaH supposed to have been done with two different colored plastic spoons.)