Sunday, March 4, 2012

30 wks

Rachel here. Technically this picture is from today (30 wks 5 days) and not Tuesday (when I was actually 30 wks)... but who cares really right? :)I'm feeling pretty good. Mostly exhausted, but I'm trying to nap when I can, which sadly won't happen during the weekdays anymore with Reese doing preschool during Emma Grace's quiet time, but at least I'll have the weekends. I'm up 1 lb from last appointment 2 wks ago and craving milk once again... so no doubt my grand total thus far of 20 lbs will keep rising. Sadly I've had to keep an eye on how late I'm eating due to some unpleasant meetings with heartburn during the wee hours of the morning. And morning sickness is still my first thing in the morning pal. Add a cold/sinus shenanigans on top of that... it's awesome to say the least. ;)

Thursday we had our 3D/4D pictures done. Baby Boo is so cute I could die. I can't wait to meet her!