Monday, March 5, 2012


Rachel here. Today went great! Sure there were ups and there were downs, but the tears were kept at a minimum on all parts... Reese was our big winner when it came to tears. She is the most emotional person I think I've ever met... you know... because being 4 is EXTREMELY difficult. :)

After dropping her off this morning and letting Emma Grace do some 'work' at preschool, we headed home to remove our pants, do a puzzle, and get started on our preschool day.Emma Grace's work boxes.Working with all of her letter a materials.
Sandpaper letter.Practicing writing the letter a in sand.Tracing the letter with glass beads. (CoaH)
Letter a coloring sheet. (CoaH) Upper/lowercase sort. (CoaH)After finishing most of her work, it was time for a little bit of computer interaction. We used Starfall for work on the letter a, the number 1, and the color red. Then I let EG listen to The Rainbow Fish on Storyline Online while I finished up some dishes.
Because it was WAY TOO COLD to play outside, Emma Grace and I bundled up and headed to our local toy store, Imaginations, for some indoor playtime.After leaving Imaginations, picking Reese up from preschool, and eating lunch, it was time for Emma Grace to hit the sack. Reese began her K4 time by doing an alphabet puzzle. (CoaH)Alphabetizing letter cards and then finding the upper/lowercase letter magnet matches. (CoaH)Matching lowercase clothes pins to uppercase letter wheel. (CoaH)After Emma Grace's quiet time was over, Reese and I went upstairs to read The Cat in the Hat to her. Upon finishing it was time to head back downstairs for snack. This is what I like to call a mediocre fail... while it has all the appropriate pieces... it's a little wonky. This is our interpretation of the Cat in the Hat's hat. Imagine if you will solid red Lifesaver Gummies (miscommunication with Bryan on that one), regular Oreos as opposed to the spring variety, and white frosting... not red. :) Ours are super fancy. (Pinterest)Today was ART DAY, so we made "Things." (Pinterest)After finishing all of her K4 work, Reese was able to have some computer time using More Starfall.EG managed to keep herself busy by practicing her numbers (large numbers on the floor, I would call out a number, and she would have to jump to it. We're new with number recognition, so we started with 1-5.),finishing her morning work... working on her ABC artwork book cover, reading Dr. Seuss books, and working on her new puzzle. This was really difficult for her. I think it was information overload. She knows all of her letter sounds and most of their names, but dealing with those two aspects and upper/lowercase letters... I definitely had to walk her through it. Once we got rolling though it really worked out nicely. I would point to the letter, say it's name and sound, and then she would have to find it.While I fixed dinner, Reese practiced cutting...
... and Emma Grace went on a puzzle building rampage.We ended the night with a Harold and the Purple Crayon video and some fastening practice.I'm EXHAUSTED... and tomorrow we start it all over again. :)


Andria said...

I loved the line about how y'all (or, I suppose, just EG) "headed home to remove your pants." Thanks for a laugh.

You guys are like Marines. You get more done by 8 a.m. than most people do all day!