Sunday, March 18, 2012


Rachel here. Friday we didn't get much accomplished per Mother Nature. Here I am on Sunday feeling mediocre at best sitting down and downright miserable standing up. Okay I get it... I need to step back, sit down, and relax. If preschool gets done... awesome... if not...Reese won't become illiterate. If the grout in the bathroom gets scrubbed... awesome... if not... Bryan won't get hit by a bus. (Thank you Andria!) My children will be smart... or hell... I'd settle for just a little bit smartish, and my house will sell... maybe not the first day, but it'll sell. Because of my new found hopefully soon gone crippledness status, I'm not sure where we'll go with the preschool shenanigans. I guess I'll continue to put work boxes together when I can and we'll see where it goes. That's all I can do, and I need to be okay with that. I'm learning. :)

And so... here is what we did Friday... I didn't get many pictures, and I'm not entirely sure what the girls did after 1:00pm. :) I do know Emma Grace threw herself a tea party of sorts and soaked my living room floor. :)And then she walked away from said mess and created a coloring one in the playroom.
I did Reese's number assessment with her. After calling out "12", she was certain it was "20." That's the only one she mixed up... awesome. :) (CoaH) And we move to Saturday. Reese... roll one dice, count the dots, circle the number in the square... then do it with two dice. She REALLY enjoyed this. (CoaH)EG doing her e do-a-dot. (CoaH)Buckles, zippers, and snaps.
Shape silhouette match. (CoaH)
Reese worked on her cutting/pasting pictures. Shape puzzles.
Patterns. (CoaH)Letter tracing.
Bryan was working on windows and screens, and Reese wanted to join in. :)
Then there was some outside time before our annual St. Patty's Day dinner out and our first downpour for the next god only knows how many days.