Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our week... abbreviated

Rachel here. Oh this week. This week was kind of a lot... more on that another day. We did our work boxes, but mostly we played outside and goofed off.

Here's some of Reese's work: (CoaH)Emma Grace attempted to learn how to fold socks. ;)She also attempted to pour water... she's a mean spiller.Then there was some more work (letter e). (CoaH)And some numbers.An impromptu picnic play date with preschool friends... where my children adopted other mamas to push them on swings.We had kitty and puppy races in the kitchen.And then gave those kitties and puppies pretend water out of old baby bottles.We spent a good chunk of the week outside... when it wasn't raining. Bryan worked on mulching and mowing... Reese worked on finding bugs and other "dead things."EG just did weird preschooler stuff that makes no sense to anyone else... and had a blast.We threw in a little more work. (CoaH)And had some more outside time.
I've decided outside time is nice... especially when the girls can be so entertained, and I don't need to do anything. :)

Then of course there was house shenanigans and projects and baby drama... I'm pooped... and still pregnant... no worries there. :)