Monday, March 12, 2012

Sell THIS house... Bedroom #3

Rachel here. I know I've posted about the baby's room before, but this is for an entirely different reason. Same request as before... what would you change? The khaki walls have a fresh coat on them, and again we're prepared to paint over my stripes if need be. Ultimately we'll see what a realtor thinks, but it'd be interesting to get others' input.Dresser and plastic container will be cleared off once baby B arrives.


kristenbrittingham said...

Hey Rache - if you want my two cents I think these two rooms look great. They are decluttered and spotless and allow people to see the size of the rooms, the nice windows, the capacity of the closets, etc. The rooms look spotless and the sparkling hardwoods look like new. I wouldn't bother reprinting or covering the stripes either. Who knows...maybe the next family who comes along will have little girls and will love them! Good luck to you guys!


Miranda said...

When we put our house on the market last year, ellie was only 9 months old. i had these cute squares painted on one wall and didn't want to paint over them until I had to. The realtor had little note cards that she had placed all over the house and the one that she put by Ellie's room said that the owners would be happy to repaint this room with the color of your choice. the buyers did take us up on it and we had to repaint before we left but it was worth it!